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Search and analysis in Kinetography Laban /Labanotation

Dances in Central Europe have a strict motif structure. Analysis of these dances can be computer-aided if we can perform searches in dance notation, specifically in Labanotation. Therefore, besides dance analysis methods, Hungarian researchers developed a computer tool for searching patterns in Labanotation.

The existence of repeating dance parts is not specific to traditional dances. From ballet to modern dance, teachers or researchers of any dance style can use this kind of analytical tool. Search is important for when checking the unification or standardization of Labanotation symbol usage or spell-checking Labanotation scores.

Requirements and fulfillment

Computer-aided search in Labanotation requires the creation of an algebraic model and a digital data structure that allows the performance of all searches generally expected by Labanotation users. After the exact specification of the requirements, the next step in the development of the Labanatory software was to create a representation that allows pattern search not only at a graphic but also at a quasi-syntactic level. The software examines exact, pre-sign tolerant and sign-length tolerant pattern matches. The user can perform queries for symmetric or augmented matches, i.e. queries that are typically required in the analysis of traditional dances.

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